This is my very first blog ever so I'm thinking I ought to get it right :)

Well, we've had a really busy couple of months here at DeliPots and - despite the recession our sales increased by 50%, which was a surprise but most welcome, as my OH gave up his job at the begining of Novemeber - they were restructuring and it looks like he was going to get the nasty end of the stick, in terms of his hours being cut back. So, we made a business decision that he might be more use packing kits for than checking out books in the college library! To be honest he's massively over qualified for either job, but I think it sits easier for him to be using his big ol' brain for the benefit of our future, rather than a pittance of a wage.

On the website front, I've managed to (finally) finish and have uploaded the lovely (and hopefully easier to use) website, this week - still some teething problems, but it appears to be working fine.

We've discontinued a few products - if there is something you wanted but don't see, just let us know. But we've added a few new ones:

These are our new little Cocoa Butter Truffles - which are perfect for a couple of baths - just drop them in the bath, lay back and relax..mmmmm.

They are available in all our gorgeous Essential Oil blends - Be Sensual, Relaxing Rose and Yalng-Ylang; Be Free, fabulous Lavender & Patchouli as well as all the others....

Our Bath Bombs are now available in 3 sizes...from a little 1 bath Bath bomb (6cm in diameter) right up to an enormous 300g Ba
th Bomb - beautifully presented in a little white box....and, of course, they are all available in our wonderful Cocktail fragrances as well as in our 40+ individual fragrances...

Definitely worth a look at

Ok...I'll leave it there today - back to work for me :) Jude xox


Carolee Crafts 16 January 2010 at 04:14  

Not sure if this is it or not and in US dollars but 2oz for $27.50, I think that is £16.90 for 55 grams ... lay&id=129

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