It's been a funny couple of weeks...with the snow and limited delivery and collections! Makes you kind of complacent about getting orders done, when you know they aren't going anywhere....anyway, we are all caught up now, so anyone expecting an order should receive it soon:)

I can't believe how quickly last year went - and such an eventful one...hopefully all that hard work will pay off, if not this year then next...

On the product front, if you haven't seen the new site, please do visit - I was checking out Body Butter Bars on other sites this morning and was quite amazed at the prices of some of them:

This one is LUSH'S King of Skin and weighs about 138g at a whopping £6.80 - now I'm not saying that LUSH aren't fantastic at what they do and their products are gorgeous but compare it to DeliPots Body Butter Bar, which weighs almost 200g and is £6.50:

The ingredients of the two are almost exactly the same - main ingredients are Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil...lovely skin-softening goodness...


OK - how about a competition....Find the most expensive solid body butter bar you can and there is a DeliPots Body Butter Bar in it for the person who finds the most extravagantly are the 'rules':

1. Bar must have Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oils as the main ingredients
2. Must have a product page with weight and price on the internet - no pics uploaded from your PC of a bar you found in your local posh shop :)
3. You must be a DeliPots Blog follower
4. I'll send your prize anywhere in the world....

Get searching and I will close the Competition on Sunday 24th January 2010 :)


DeliPots 16 January 2010 at 23:31  

I moved your comment up :

Carolee Crafts wrote...
Not sure if this is it or not and in US dollars but 2oz for $27.50, I think that is £16.90 for 55 grams ... lay&id=129

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